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MUFii Tasting

Is crystalline tones that change color from straw to golden.
Already pouring the wine in the glass, even before you rotate it, you notice the consistency of the wine, subsequently confirmed by the presence of small arches.

It is intense on the nose with the complexity that is accentuated by the action of noble rot under withering.
Pleasing finesse that emphasizes aromas of dehydrated fruits ( apricots and dates) with a persistent background of honey and baked apple.

It comes up with a good sweetness, with alcohol and softness that are well balanced by the freshness and flavor.
In general, a balanced wine and body.
In the mouth it is intense but short persistence but does not affect the wine's finesse.

The wine is good and harmonious.

Tasting of Massimo Carlotto Sommelier A.I.S. Novara dated 2015, 29 December

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