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MUFii Passitaia


The MUFii is a product of the soil and the climate of Barengo. I realized that such grape with tough and thick skin coupled with this particular climate could develop the “noble rot”.
After some first observations, I arranged a withering room called “La Passitaia”, in the medieval girder premises of the property, exposed in the past on a street called “the road of the seven winds.
The climate creates a vortex of currents and every night a cold North wind comes lowering the air temperature range of 10°/12°.  An entirely natural withering exposure.
Inside La Passitaia the grapes rest from three up to five months, meanwhile I observe the noble rot evolution that appears always in a massive shape, then I calculate the sugar content, but anyhow, notwithstanding the care, it is the climate that operates.

Ernesto M.Gilardi

Azienda La Passitaia

Via Paola Bellini 18 28010 Barengo (NO) Italia
P.IVA 08160190156

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