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MUFii vino ottenuto da uve appassite colpite botrytis cinerea
Noble rot wine

MUFii is a product of the Barengo area and of a particular microclimate, therefore a pedoclimatic product. The Muffa Nobile is the peculiarity of this musty wine.

The vine and the soil are important but the microclimate is the determining factor. When perfect harmony is achieved, the product obtained is "a nectar". In Passitaia, the grapes remain for three to five months, here we observe the evolution of the Noble Mold which always appears in massive form. The metabolism of this fungus in botrytised grapes consists in reducing the water content of the berries, concentrating the sugars and giving MUFii its characteristic and unmistakable aroma.

The phenomenon of botrytis cinerea in these naturally ventilated rooms is unique for this area. Its apparently disadvantageous microclimate, with the alternation of sunny or rainy days and morning fogs, turns into a great advantage, that of obtaining an elegant and local wine.
The color is golden yellow, it is more a table wine than a meditation wine, it goes well with desserts based on creams, chocolate, blue or spicy cheeses and dried fruit.


Location: Barengo (Novara) Piedmont, Italy.
Vineyard: strà Orba, on the Barengo hill named "MonteRegio".
Grapes: native white grapes of the Novara Hills.
Training system: spurred cordon and Guyot planting density 1800 vines / ha.
Altitude: 250-280 meters above sea level.
Soil type: river terrace of alluvial origin.
Climate: cold in winter and mitigated in summer by the vast quantities of water in the area, ventilated in the evening by the currents of the Mottarone and the Monte Rosa massif.
Harvest: manual, towards the end of September.


Fermentation: as for white wines, always in winter.
Aging: in lightly toasted acacia barriques at a constant temperature (12 ° -15 °) for one year.
Aging: in the bottle for at least 6 months.
Production: 2500 bottles of 0.5 lt.
Storage: considerable longevity, in rooms suitable for temperature and humidity, without light, bottle in a horizontal position.
MUFii AIS Vitae - Guida Vini 2022
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